Stones Heal + Lava

Stones Heal + Lava


Stones Heal us.

I've grown to realize why we all collected rocks when we were little. As children we live so freely and purely. We know what makes us feel good and we desire to keep those things close. Our bodies carry that same chemicals that make up crystals. This is why we all had great rock collections that we used to play with.. and I think it's way past due to take them back out. 

Each stone carries a different power.

Rudraksha Seeds Helps the adventurous type feel comfortable anywhere they go. It is said that the seeds create a cocoon of the wears energy around them. Rudraksha is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the name Rudra - Shivathe Hindu god of all living creatures, and Akṣa -teardrops. One Hindu legend tells of Shiva crying a single tear after a long meditation and from that tear grew the Rudraksha Tree. It is said that the wearer of the Rudraksha seed will be protected by Lord Shiva.

Lava is a stone that helps calm the storm within us. Bringing us a strong grounding to the earth.

Hematite is a grounding stone. Keeping us in the hear and now, making us strong, and stable.

Olive Wood

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