Just Chakras Natural Magic Kit

Just Chakras Natural Magic Kit


7 Candles: In each chakra color to help you to obtain chakra cleansing.

Red Root Chakra: Passion, Harmony, Grounded

Orange Sacral Chakra: Acceptance of Change, Well-Being

Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra: Confidence, Self-Worth, Inner Peace

Green Heart Chakra: Love, Joy and Abundance

Blue Throat Chakra: Communication, Self Expression

Indigo Third Eye Chakra: Focus, Intuition, Wisdom and Imagination

Violet Crown Chakra: Spirituality, Accepting Pure Bliss

Chakra Bracelet: Made with Clear Quartz , the Stone of Power.

Quartz gives the mind, body, and spirit balance. Bringing the energy of the stars into our soul. Hematite the stone of Grounding, and Chakra colored glass Crystals, with a Free to B Brass tag.

Palo Santo Wood - Burnt to clear a space in preparation for meditation. Creates a safe clean environment for spiritual connection.

Frosted Glass Candle Holder


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