Just Clear Natural Magic Kit

Just Clear Natural Magic Kit


White & Silver Candles - Self Clearing, Moon Connection.

Selenite Wand - Cleans the aura of negativity and the daily “gunk” that we collect from other people. Use this wand by waving it around your entire body, to cut off any bad energy from your aura.

Palo Santo Wood - Mystical tree that grows in South America. Burnt to create a clear and grounded space in preparation for meditation. Creates a safe clean environment for spiritual connection. I find the scent calming and very relaxing.

Sage - Cleansing Sage is great to purify and clear a space/home.. Used before rituals and great for clearing the mind.

Just Clear Zen Bracelet - Made by yours truly! Made with Sterling Silver, Olive Wood a holy wood, and Clear Quartz Crystal the Stone of Power. Quartz gives the mind, body, and spirit balance. Bringing the energy of the stars into our soul.

Frosted Glass Candle Holder



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