Some believe (me being one of them) that semiprecious stones and natural materials carry healing and spiritual powers. Here are some of my personal definitions that I have accumulated over the years of the metaphysical and healing properties of the different stones!

Amazonite: (Blue/Green)

 Soothing Amazonite brings a sense of balance and calm.  This is the stone of RELAXATION!  This stone opens the throat, heart and third eye Chakras helping to relieve stress.

Amethyst: (Purple/Lavender)

  Protection, Spiritual awareness, aids in sleep. Very common in jewelry, amethyst helps protect the wearer from psychic attack. In other words, it will guard you against negative people leaving “yuck” all over you.  Amethyst helps create a sense of balance and connects the spiritual body to your physical, emotional and mental planes.

Apatite: (Blue/Aqua)

 The INSPIRATION stone!  Inspire yourself and those around you when wearing apatite!  This stone helps you to process thoughts and creates mental clarity when decisions need to be made. This stone is a very spiritual stone, raising vibrations and aiding in psychic development.

Chrysocolla: (Blue/Green)

  CALM stone! Helps to ease emotional heartache! Increases ones capacity to love.  Attunes one to the earth, giving strength and balance to the wearer of this stone.  Helps to ground you and connect you with the vibrations of the world.

Citrine: (Golden/Yellow) 

The stone of MANIFESTING SUCESS!  Often referred to as “The Merchants Stone” for its great abilities to help in ones financial success and growth.  This stone is a great one to put in your wallet!  I like to refer to Citrine as “Burnt Amethyst” for it is just that!  Citrine is Amethyst that was created from being in a hotter environment.  Known to transform negative energy into positive energy!  Helps to open Solar Plexus Chakra!

Coral: (Red/Pink)

 The stone of HAPPINESS! Coral helps connect you with the natural energy in the universe! Can help to treat Hiccups!  Helps to activate the Base Chakra!

Moonstone: (Rainbow/White)

 The stone for FEELING!  Known commonly for connecting you with your feminine side this stone helps you to access what your life plans are.  Gives the wearer a feeling of lightness and strength.  Moonstone helps you to connect with your higher self.  Helps with Third eye and Crown Chakra.

Peridot: (Bottle Green)

  The stone of RENEWAL!  This stone is a wonderful healer. It helps you overcome obstacles such as jealousy, resentment, and irritation. Peridot renews a person by creating calm and stillness in there mind at times when they may have normally gotten upset.  Helps the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras!

Quartz: (Clear)

Quartz Crystal is the Stone of Power. It gives the mind, body, and spirit balance. Bringing the energy of the stars into our soul. Giving us the power to feel connected to the universal energies all around us. Quartz is an energy conductor and it is able to amplify energy around it. Making it a wonderful companion to any stone that you are working with. Find and work with the stones that specify in your healing needs, and work with quartz at the same time. This combination will make the crystal energy have a stronger connection to the spirit world. Quartz crystal is the master of spiritual connection. Connecting us to our Angels, Masters, Guides and giving us a channel to the unseen energies around us. It is so important to find time to sit and meditate with a crystal. Just Heal.

Smokey Quartz: (Clear Grey)

  The stone of GROUNDING and HEALING!  Smokey Quartz absorbs negativity and must be cleansed!  It is an excellent stone for grounding and keeping the wearer in the present.  Helps in business!  Great for the Base Chakra!

Tigers Eye: (Brown)

  EARTH GROUNDING stone! Tigers eye is best for people who are connected with the earth, helpful in meditation and spiritual growth. This is a stone of strength in spiritual grounding and manifestation. Helps balance the ying-yang energies.

Turquoise: (Blue/Green)

 PROTECTION stone!  Helps protect from negative people, intentions, and energy.  Guides wearer to a higher vibration!  Has the power to ground the wearer to assist in meditation!  American Indians and Shamans think highly of this stone!  Helps one develop psychic gifts such as astral travel!  Opens ThroatHeart and, Sacral Chakras!