About Reiki + Brenna

Brenna is a certified Reiki Level Two Practitioner. Her healing sessions are inspired by all of her passions making for a unique experience.

Brenna has been drawn to energy work since childhood. Always having a love for collecting stones and discovering their healing properties. She began creating jewelry at a young age and incorporated stones into her artwork —combining the two passions in her life. Because of her Empathic nature people have always come to her with their problems. During her teenage years she sought spiritual cleansing. In 2006 she learned from a Healer in Cape May how to cleanse herself from other peoples energy or ‘emotional yuck’.  After she read Dan Millman’s 'Way of the Peaceful Warrior' in a college English class, she knew that her healing path was defined. Brenna feels truly connected to the ideals of a journey that is far beyond the physical realm but is deeply rooted in it.

In 2013 she started a spiritually based jewelry and healing tools company called Free to B where she incorporates stones into everything she creates. Fascinated by the art of divination she also designs handmade pendulums. All of her handmade jewelry is accompanied by detailed descriptions of the stones used and their healing properties. Brenna’s jewelry is currently displayed in twelve locations nationwide and she loves to create custom work based on specific stone energies.

In January 2017 Brenna completed her Reiki level one training. She now gives Reiki, love and light to all her jewelry creations. She then received her Reiki level two certification in April 2017 and is working towards becoming a Master to teach Reiki to others. 

What to Expect

A session with Brenna is a safe space for you to discuss what healing work you need, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Brenna will use one of her handmade pendulums to check your chakras and energy flow. She will then start your Reiki session which is a way for Brenna to become a connection between you and the healing energy of your spirit guides, angels, or the divine. She will do a protection prayer before working on you and a prayer after the work is done. Please expect light hands-on touch. People tend to feel warmth or coolness radiating from her hands, this means the Reiki is working. Relaxing music and positive energy will be flowing. Unique to Brenna's Reiki sessions is getting the option to sit down and create your own healing stones bracelet with her. Once the session is complete your new bracelet will be freshly cleansed. You will be receiving light, love, and healing stones to take with you!

How to Book a Session...

Please contact her with any inquires about the stones being used or her healing process. To book a session with Brenna email/call her at Free2bHealed@gmail.com 201-262-1952