Delicious Onion Gold Charm

Delicious Onion Gold Charm

from 255.00

14kt Yellow Gold

Option of 3 Ethically Sourced White Diamonds set in the Hinged Bail

Who loves the crisp flavor of a onion on their Sandwich? Use this slice of Onion to create your very own Delicious open faced sandwich, or just rock a slice on your neck or wrist! The Cutest Onion Breath you’ll ever have!

The Delicious Charms are handmade to order please be patient as it can take anywhere from 7-14 business days before shipping. Need express shipping? Options are available at checkout!

Plain or Diamond Bail:
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The Delicious Charms Collection by Free to B was created to give people the freedom to express their personality in a whole new way. What better way to start a conversation than to discuss your favorite food?... and better yet who doesn't love to eat! So feel free to grab yourself a gold croissant encrusted in diamonds and put some bacon, egg, and cheese on that necklace and you've got yourself your own custom jewelry dish! The Free to B brand is all about expressing yourself as yourself for yourself, and showing others exactly who you want to be. Just B!