Delicious Cheese Silver Charm

Delicious Cheese Silver Charm


Sterling Silver & Rhodium Plated (to ensure less tarnishing)

Where are my cheese lovers out there? This slice of cheese is perfect to create your very own Delicious open faced sandwich on your neck or wrist! Holes go directly though the piece and add a great realistic depth to the cheese! Measures around 8mm

The Delicious Charms are handmade to order please be patient as it can take anywhere from 7-14 business days before shipping. Need express shipping? Options are available at checkout!

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The Delicious Charms Collection by Free to B was created to give people the freedom to express their personality in a whole new way. What better way to start a conversation than to discuss your favorite food?... and better yet who doesn't love to eat! So feel free to grab yourself a gold croissant encrusted in diamonds and put some bacon, egg, and cheese on that necklace and you've got yourself your own custom jewelry dish! The Free to B brand is all about expressing yourself as yourself for yourself, and showing others exactly who you want to be. Just B!