Just B Papillon Necklace

Just B Papillon Necklace

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The Papillon Collection is symbolic of the butterfly and the sense of freedom and rebirth that they represent. Each piece gives off a sculptural essence of the simplest hint of a butterfly/papillon. Papillon (Butterfly in French) are mystical creatures often associated with the soul.

This piece was engraved with the designers Handwriting. The words that Brenna lives by "Just B" were used here to emphasize the importance of being true to yourself. Just Being yourself would be thought of as the easiest thing to do. Yet we all seem to loose ourselves in social norms, fads, and other peoples standards. This message resonates deep within, telling us to go back to our purest self. Find your soul and listen to it, it will tell you who you really are, no one else has that answer. JUST B.

.925 Sterling Silver (Made to Order)

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