Quartz 2

Quartz 2


Measurements: Just over 3inches thick & just under 2inches tall. 

Minor chip on bottom of stone. beautiful phantom infractions in the center. 

Quartz Crystal is the Stone of Power. It gives the mind, body, and spirit balance. Bringing the energy of the stars into our soul. Giving us the power to feel connected to the universal energies all around us. Quartz is an energy conductor and it is able to amplify energy around it. Making it a wonderful companion to any stone that you are working with. Find and work with the stones that specify in your healing needs, and work with quartz at the same time. This combination will make the crystal energy have a stronger connection to the spirit world. Quartz crystal is the master of spiritual connection. Connecting us to our Angels, Masters, Guides and giving us a channel to the unseen energies around us. It is so important to find time to sit and meditate with a crystal. Just Heal.

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